DC Trip

Sorry it has been so long since a post but we have been very busy .... it was midterm time for me! Glad that is over with! Well this past weekend Alex and I left the kids for the weekend and went to visit Ryan in Washington DC. He was been working at the Department of State ... very exciting! We went on many adventures and there were a lot of laughs! It was great for Alex and I to get away for a weekend! Below are some of the pictures from the trip. 
I am personally very excited for the upcoming holiday season! I am planning away, and am doing everything I can to not put up out Christmas tree yet (which will be an adventure because none of the kids have seen one before). We are having a Thanksgiving Dinner party the Sunday after thanksgiving! We are also having an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party after my finals week! All of these things really excite me. I love love love hosting for people! 
School is going well for me, it just makes me tired, I feel as if I am always there. We are all looking forward to next quarter when I will only have to be at school on Friday nights! I am taking a Chemistry Hybrid class .... I do all of the lecture stuff online and go in once a week for lab. I am very pumped, it will have its own challenges but I will get to be home more! :)
Time for a pet update:
Homer is doing awesome! He loved spending the weekend with Grandma! We are very excited around the Callos home because Saturday is his 6 month birthday ... a special day is in order. I still say I am having a birthday party for Homer on his 1st! If you have a dog and would like to come ... I am getting him or making him a cake! Please come! :) hehe
Bella and Bo are doing well .... we have made up our mind ... we would like them to be declawed! They are killing us and our stuff and not meaning too. I think it will just be better for everyone because those things are sharp!
Everyone is still GROWING!!!!
Homer gained 1.2lbs and now weighs 37.7lbs! (Alex really wants him to get to 50) 
Bo gained 0.2lbs and now weighs 4.0lbs
Bella gained 0.9lbs and now weighs 4.2lbs