Day 3: Florida Trip

Today was a good day. I got up and read my book. It was a good time. Then we watched some football. That was ok, not as good as I hoped it would be. The Browns lost. Then Alex and I went to the beach and it was hot!

Later Keep came home and we worked on planning an epic reunion. We got hungry so we went to eat and I got a sandwich that was good but just to hot for me. So not as good as I thought it would be. Then we came home and here we sit.

Now it is time for bed, I am looking forward to waking up in the morning and eating breakfast. Tomorrow will be an ok day I guess. :)

Good night!


Check out my other blog!


Check out my other blog ... it is about our garden that we are putting in! :)


I am BACK!

Well it is about time that I start this up ... sometimes being busy is not a good enough reason to not write. If that was a good excuse there would be a lot of things in my life not getting done. What if everyone used that as a reason not to do stuff, what kind of a world would we be in then?

I am currently taking a break from dishes, there are a few that needed a bit to soak. The down fall of my joy of cooking ... DISHES. I wish there was a magic way to make them do themselves, just like the old Fantasia with Mickey Mouse. I do love the smell in the kitchen while the laundry is going, it just makes everything smell so good. I am also planning on making some Snicker doodles, well after I clean the kitchen I guess ... only to clean it again. Thus is the circle of life.

I recently finished the book Water for Elephants, I also went with C to see the movie yesterday at our first try with a book club. As with any movie made from a book, the book was better. I am currently reading the book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell. I love Rob Bell (I love AC more)! He just has a way of breaking grand thoughts down into ideas that us little people can grasp. You should check out his short videos called NOOMA. They are pretty much the bees knees!

Speaking of AC he has taken another step toward furthering his writing. He is on TWITTER! Follow him @AlexCallos. :)

I have also embarked on a new adventure, well trying to move my feet where God wants me. I am now a PCA (aka nurses aid) and I am almost finished with all my training. Thus far I love it, just another way to help people. Everyday I try to go to work with the compassion of Christ. I also have a personal goal of making people laugh, come on have you never seen Patch Adams???

The kids (animals) are well. Growing and growing. Homer will be a year soon! Is it bad to make him a cake? Or at least buy him a little one? He is after all my first kid. Bo loves Homer and Bella could care less about either one of them. On april 18 they all weighed in at:
Homer 61.3lbs
Bella 9lbs
Bo 8.8lbs

Well I really must get back to my pots and pans, while writing this I did not think of a good way for them to wash themselves. I also need to study for a stats exam, does anyone hate states as much as me, maybe more then me??


New Years and New Beginings

Well Alex's dreams came true ... Homer weighs over 50lbs! Homer is now 51.6lbs!! He is such a big boy now and will be 8 months old on Thursday!

Bella and Bo are getting big too! Bella is now 6.8lbs and Bo is 6.4lbs. There personalities are coming out ... Bella loves to cuddle and Bo could care less what we are doing as long as we feed him!

The holidays were great for the Callos family!  Sorry for the stretch without a post .... we were all very busy with the holidays and I had my finals. I did great in my classes, I ended up with an A in each class! Which took away some of the fear of me going into the science field.

Thanksgiving was great! We had Thanksgiving in Columbus. We also had our first Thanksgiving of our own ... the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I cooked my very first turkey! It was an adventure! The turkey was great ... the smoke I created and the alarms that went off in the whole building were not so great! haha Over all it was a great time and was so happy to have so many friends to share the day with!

We also had our first annual Ugly Sweater party ... next year will be even bigger! It was so much fun and I am very excited to add to my AAAAAmazing sweater! There were some real winners there! We love Christmas time so much!

What was also meant to be a relaxing Sunday with Sammy and Abby watching the Browns and making Christmas ornaments turned into the Flood of '10 .... the Hair Salon next door had a pipe break and the water was coming through the wall into our apartment. The water shut off for the whole building we found out is behind our Christmas tree! Haha who would have guessed that ..... this then turned into the moving of all of the stuff in our living room. Which I think was a good thing. I love the way we moved stuff around. A special thanks to Sammy and Abby I don't know what I would have done with out you two here.

Christmas was great! Alex and I had our own two days before Christmas. It was fun getting things for all the pets (I know we must seem crazy the way we treat them like people). Christmas eve after I got out of work we went to Cincinnati for the Meade family Christmas, always a busy good time! :) Then Christmas day we had two Callos Christmas' then came back to Columbus in time to catch a movie with my family. The day after (the best best best day of the year ... my birthday!) Alex took me to Bob Evans! Got me my very own peanut butter cake ... took me to get a new duvet cover all before we headed to Kegelmeyer Christmas! (He also got me Mario cart and a Nook for my bday!!)

Kegelmeyer Christmas was a good busy time ... after family time, gifts and cake we left and went bowling for my birthday! It was a very good time! Who knew I would be so good at granny bowling??

Then we had a small break for a few days then it was onto the final Dible Christmas weekend! All of our neices and nephews came down from Michigan! It was a great weekend, Homer loved it and we loved how tired Homer was! It was great to hang out with the kids and bake with them and then the whole Dible hord went to the Zoo lights! Which was such a good time! :)

Since then it has been back into the regular routine .... classes have started back up for me. I have been very excited to have Ryan back for a little while before he heads off to France! We also have our upcoming 7 Day Exotic W.Caribbean cruise coming up! Ports of call on the trip: Tampa, FL, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, Isla Roatan, Honduras Only 68 days! :)

Oh I had my first experiece at playing Risk this past weekend .... it was a 4 hour experience! Haha Ryan, Abby, Alex and I played .... and never finished .... how do you say we were well not playing by the correct rules! haha If a winner needed to be named it would be Abby. Alex and I are looking forward to playing again soon!

Well for now I will leave you with some pictures of our Holiday adventures ...


DC Trip

Sorry it has been so long since a post but we have been very busy .... it was midterm time for me! Glad that is over with! Well this past weekend Alex and I left the kids for the weekend and went to visit Ryan in Washington DC. He was been working at the Department of State ... very exciting! We went on many adventures and there were a lot of laughs! It was great for Alex and I to get away for a weekend! Below are some of the pictures from the trip. 
I am personally very excited for the upcoming holiday season! I am planning away, and am doing everything I can to not put up out Christmas tree yet (which will be an adventure because none of the kids have seen one before). We are having a Thanksgiving Dinner party the Sunday after thanksgiving! We are also having an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party after my finals week! All of these things really excite me. I love love love hosting for people! 
School is going well for me, it just makes me tired, I feel as if I am always there. We are all looking forward to next quarter when I will only have to be at school on Friday nights! I am taking a Chemistry Hybrid class .... I do all of the lecture stuff online and go in once a week for lab. I am very pumped, it will have its own challenges but I will get to be home more! :)
Time for a pet update:
Homer is doing awesome! He loved spending the weekend with Grandma! We are very excited around the Callos home because Saturday is his 6 month birthday ... a special day is in order. I still say I am having a birthday party for Homer on his 1st! If you have a dog and would like to come ... I am getting him or making him a cake! Please come! :) hehe
Bella and Bo are doing well .... we have made up our mind ... we would like them to be declawed! They are killing us and our stuff and not meaning too. I think it will just be better for everyone because those things are sharp!
Everyone is still GROWING!!!!
Homer gained 1.2lbs and now weighs 37.7lbs! (Alex really wants him to get to 50) 
Bo gained 0.2lbs and now weighs 4.0lbs
Bella gained 0.9lbs and now weighs 4.2lbs


Fall Fun

This past week has been a busy one for us! I was sick (again!) this week! I had my first big Chemistry test on Thursday! I was very excited when I found out I only missed 2 questions and got a 96% and the class average was 75%! :) Homer got neutered on Friday, which has been interesting with him having a cone on and how bad we feel for him because you can tell he is out of it and doesn't feel well.

This weekend was a very fun and fall weekend for us, John came to stay with us and we made fondue. On Saturday John and I had a huge breakfast and hung out around the apartment till Alex got home from work. We then took an adventure to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. It was fun and interesting and we had some good laughs! Alex got a Gyro (which the people working the stand didn't say it right), I got some fried pickles which are the best I have ever had in my life!! I also got cotton candy and a caramel apple (which I still need to eat)! John got some pumpkin ice cream which he thought tasted like eggnog and a cool new hat! There were many fun and funny things to look at there (most of which being the people). On our way home we stopped at a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin ... it was almost dark and it was $20 for as many as a person could carry. Thank you Alex for being so willing to be our pumpkin carrier!

We also carved pumpkins, made pumpkin pie, baked pumpkin seeds, drank apple cider, went to caribou coffee, and laughed at our pets!

Special note of interest: THE BROWNS WON TODAY 30-17!!! (we wont talk about Alex's football team!)

Pet Update:

Bo: Gained 0.7lbs no is 3.7lbs
Bella: Gained 0.2lbs now is 3.3lbs
Homer: Gained 3.3lbs now is 35.9lbs

Bella, Homer and Bo are now around one another any time we are home and have even been left out together for short amounts of time and all seems to be going well. Bella and Homer are still unsure of one another. Bo on the other hand might think that he is a dog now .... he is almost playing with Homer and is now eating is dog food and drinking out of his bowl. The cats managed to break a piggy bank on a dresser that they cant even get on yet. Homer is healing well ... he hates having the cone on his head, but we found out that he really finds pumpkin stems tasty!


Old Cat Lady

Ok so this weekend has not been that exciting! I told someone at work today that I felt like an Old Cat Lady, going home on a Friday night to order Chinese (because Alex doesn't like it, I eat it when he is not around), clean, do my homework, study and hang out with my cats (and dog). I told her I felt like that was a night for an old single cat lady not a married 24 year old! haha
Bella (white) and Bo who is purring (tiger) oh and Alex thinks something is wrong with Bo when he purrs (he does it all the time)
Homer sleeping a few feet away from us on the floor! :) Snoring
As I type this the apartment is super quiet, Alex is at work (boo for 2-11 shifts all weekend), Homer is beside me on the floor snoring, Bella and Bo are sleeping on the couch beside me. The only other things I hear is the washer sloshing and dryer humming away and the sound of my fingers tapping away at the keys.

Last weekend was much more fun ....

We went to the Dye wedding out near St. Louis, Mo with the Karam's! Here are a few pictures from all of the fun!
The Mighty Mississippi River (right after passing the Pony ((a local strip joint)))
This picture was taken while I Blinded Jon Karam with my hair while hanging out of his sun roof!
Alex and I (dont let us fool you, it was sweating hot when the sun was up but now in the dark it is freezing! Why do people like that weather, it is so hard to dress for the temp)
The Karam's Jessica and Jon
Alex and some of his Old College buds! Alex, Jon, Kevin (the groom), Josh, Marty and Zach
Also time for an animal update:
Bella, Bo and Homer are spending much of the day together, at first it was a lot of hiding and running from the cats and a lot of barking and chasing from Homer. But now they are becoming well adjusted to one another after a few days in the open together. We foresee a great relationship between them. It is funny at the differences between Bella and Bo when dealing with Homer, Bo runs and hides or if trapped rolls over on his belly. Bella on the other hand shows teeth, makes funny hissing sounds and slaps Homer in the face. Oh our family!

Homer: has gained 1.3lbs now weighing 32.6lbs
Bella: has gained 0.2lbs now weighing 3.1lbs
Bo: has also gained 0.2lbs now weighing 3.1lbs

Bella and Bo helping me study (it is getting easier to take their picture as they become more relaxed with us)
Homer does not think it is fair that he has to stay on the floor!
All three in one picture, this may never happen again!
Ok back to studying Chemistry with me, I have a professor that will not tell us what day he is giving the Exam! By the way Happy Sweetest day!