Fall Fun

This past week has been a busy one for us! I was sick (again!) this week! I had my first big Chemistry test on Thursday! I was very excited when I found out I only missed 2 questions and got a 96% and the class average was 75%! :) Homer got neutered on Friday, which has been interesting with him having a cone on and how bad we feel for him because you can tell he is out of it and doesn't feel well.

This weekend was a very fun and fall weekend for us, John came to stay with us and we made fondue. On Saturday John and I had a huge breakfast and hung out around the apartment till Alex got home from work. We then took an adventure to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. It was fun and interesting and we had some good laughs! Alex got a Gyro (which the people working the stand didn't say it right), I got some fried pickles which are the best I have ever had in my life!! I also got cotton candy and a caramel apple (which I still need to eat)! John got some pumpkin ice cream which he thought tasted like eggnog and a cool new hat! There were many fun and funny things to look at there (most of which being the people). On our way home we stopped at a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin ... it was almost dark and it was $20 for as many as a person could carry. Thank you Alex for being so willing to be our pumpkin carrier!

We also carved pumpkins, made pumpkin pie, baked pumpkin seeds, drank apple cider, went to caribou coffee, and laughed at our pets!

Special note of interest: THE BROWNS WON TODAY 30-17!!! (we wont talk about Alex's football team!)

Pet Update:

Bo: Gained 0.7lbs no is 3.7lbs
Bella: Gained 0.2lbs now is 3.3lbs
Homer: Gained 3.3lbs now is 35.9lbs

Bella, Homer and Bo are now around one another any time we are home and have even been left out together for short amounts of time and all seems to be going well. Bella and Homer are still unsure of one another. Bo on the other hand might think that he is a dog now .... he is almost playing with Homer and is now eating is dog food and drinking out of his bowl. The cats managed to break a piggy bank on a dresser that they cant even get on yet. Homer is healing well ... he hates having the cone on his head, but we found out that he really finds pumpkin stems tasty!


  1. Thanks ... really I just want to be as cool as you! :)