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Homer Born May 13th, 2010 at 22 weeks and 31lbs!

Welcome to our blog that Alex and I are going to try to keep about our family. So far we have a family of five. Alex and I (Molly) who were married on June 12, 2010. :) Our first "born" puppy Homer (named after the place we met ... Home Depot), and this week we added two kittens to the mix Bella and Bo! Yes some think we are crazy, ok most think we are crazy but we would really like to wait to have kids so these animals are now our kids.


Molly- I am currently working at a preschool in New Albany, Ohio. Last month I started a new path in my life, I am going to Columbus State for nursing. I know I know ... I have a teaching degree but this is the path that God is taking me on and who am I to disagree with God. Other than that just keep busy with homework, lesson planning, taking care of our apartment and the animals and starting to work on Christmas gifts. :)

This is Bella! Born on August 5, 2010 She is 9 weeks and 2.9 lbs
Alex - Alex is still working at the Home Depot, he has been promoted. He is now a department head! :) He has also started picking up his writing, he writes for a few web sites. The biggest being the Bleacher Report, on which he is a featured writer for the Bearcats! :) His articales have been getting picked up by different websites around the country, very exciting! This is the start to something new! Alex is also very excited at how well the Reds are doing, we are sad that we were unable to get tickets to a game, we did get tickets but to a game that can never happen. booo

This is Bo! He is Bella's Brother and is also 2.9lbs
Homer - He is doing well, his big teeth are starting to grow in, he still has a few baby teeth left. He enjoys nothing more than going to the dog park here in town and following around the Huskies! :) He has also really enjoyed going shopping (just like his mom) with me. We go to the pet store often! He is not sure what he thinks about the cats yet, I think he just wants to play with them but they are just too little for that yet.

Bella and Bo - They are doing great! As I write this they are laying on the bed next too me sleeping! For now they just live in our bedroom with a gate blocking them from Homer, but lets them see and smell one another. They were altered a week ago today, and have been recovering well! They are so funny, we have never had cats before so everything they do is new to Alex and I. They are just so different from Homer. The other night I was sleeping and for whatever reason woke up, as I opened my eyes I got freaked out because Bella was sitting on my chest with her face almost touching mine! haha They are both so brave and love to climb! It will be fun to see who has which personality as they grow!

Picture Time!
Bella ready to go pounce on Bo!

Bo playing with his new toy mouse!

Homer eating a treat for not eating Bo after having them meet one another face to face! :)

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  1. You do seem like a crazy cat lady! Poor Alex... MOM