Old Cat Lady

Ok so this weekend has not been that exciting! I told someone at work today that I felt like an Old Cat Lady, going home on a Friday night to order Chinese (because Alex doesn't like it, I eat it when he is not around), clean, do my homework, study and hang out with my cats (and dog). I told her I felt like that was a night for an old single cat lady not a married 24 year old! haha
Bella (white) and Bo who is purring (tiger) oh and Alex thinks something is wrong with Bo when he purrs (he does it all the time)
Homer sleeping a few feet away from us on the floor! :) Snoring
As I type this the apartment is super quiet, Alex is at work (boo for 2-11 shifts all weekend), Homer is beside me on the floor snoring, Bella and Bo are sleeping on the couch beside me. The only other things I hear is the washer sloshing and dryer humming away and the sound of my fingers tapping away at the keys.

Last weekend was much more fun ....

We went to the Dye wedding out near St. Louis, Mo with the Karam's! Here are a few pictures from all of the fun!
The Mighty Mississippi River (right after passing the Pony ((a local strip joint)))
This picture was taken while I Blinded Jon Karam with my hair while hanging out of his sun roof!
Alex and I (dont let us fool you, it was sweating hot when the sun was up but now in the dark it is freezing! Why do people like that weather, it is so hard to dress for the temp)
The Karam's Jessica and Jon
Alex and some of his Old College buds! Alex, Jon, Kevin (the groom), Josh, Marty and Zach
Also time for an animal update:
Bella, Bo and Homer are spending much of the day together, at first it was a lot of hiding and running from the cats and a lot of barking and chasing from Homer. But now they are becoming well adjusted to one another after a few days in the open together. We foresee a great relationship between them. It is funny at the differences between Bella and Bo when dealing with Homer, Bo runs and hides or if trapped rolls over on his belly. Bella on the other hand shows teeth, makes funny hissing sounds and slaps Homer in the face. Oh our family!

Homer: has gained 1.3lbs now weighing 32.6lbs
Bella: has gained 0.2lbs now weighing 3.1lbs
Bo: has also gained 0.2lbs now weighing 3.1lbs

Bella and Bo helping me study (it is getting easier to take their picture as they become more relaxed with us)
Homer does not think it is fair that he has to stay on the floor!
All three in one picture, this may never happen again!
Ok back to studying Chemistry with me, I have a professor that will not tell us what day he is giving the Exam! By the way Happy Sweetest day!

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