New Years and New Beginings

Well Alex's dreams came true ... Homer weighs over 50lbs! Homer is now 51.6lbs!! He is such a big boy now and will be 8 months old on Thursday!

Bella and Bo are getting big too! Bella is now 6.8lbs and Bo is 6.4lbs. There personalities are coming out ... Bella loves to cuddle and Bo could care less what we are doing as long as we feed him!

The holidays were great for the Callos family!  Sorry for the stretch without a post .... we were all very busy with the holidays and I had my finals. I did great in my classes, I ended up with an A in each class! Which took away some of the fear of me going into the science field.

Thanksgiving was great! We had Thanksgiving in Columbus. We also had our first Thanksgiving of our own ... the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I cooked my very first turkey! It was an adventure! The turkey was great ... the smoke I created and the alarms that went off in the whole building were not so great! haha Over all it was a great time and was so happy to have so many friends to share the day with!

We also had our first annual Ugly Sweater party ... next year will be even bigger! It was so much fun and I am very excited to add to my AAAAAmazing sweater! There were some real winners there! We love Christmas time so much!

What was also meant to be a relaxing Sunday with Sammy and Abby watching the Browns and making Christmas ornaments turned into the Flood of '10 .... the Hair Salon next door had a pipe break and the water was coming through the wall into our apartment. The water shut off for the whole building we found out is behind our Christmas tree! Haha who would have guessed that ..... this then turned into the moving of all of the stuff in our living room. Which I think was a good thing. I love the way we moved stuff around. A special thanks to Sammy and Abby I don't know what I would have done with out you two here.

Christmas was great! Alex and I had our own two days before Christmas. It was fun getting things for all the pets (I know we must seem crazy the way we treat them like people). Christmas eve after I got out of work we went to Cincinnati for the Meade family Christmas, always a busy good time! :) Then Christmas day we had two Callos Christmas' then came back to Columbus in time to catch a movie with my family. The day after (the best best best day of the year ... my birthday!) Alex took me to Bob Evans! Got me my very own peanut butter cake ... took me to get a new duvet cover all before we headed to Kegelmeyer Christmas! (He also got me Mario cart and a Nook for my bday!!)

Kegelmeyer Christmas was a good busy time ... after family time, gifts and cake we left and went bowling for my birthday! It was a very good time! Who knew I would be so good at granny bowling??

Then we had a small break for a few days then it was onto the final Dible Christmas weekend! All of our neices and nephews came down from Michigan! It was a great weekend, Homer loved it and we loved how tired Homer was! It was great to hang out with the kids and bake with them and then the whole Dible hord went to the Zoo lights! Which was such a good time! :)

Since then it has been back into the regular routine .... classes have started back up for me. I have been very excited to have Ryan back for a little while before he heads off to France! We also have our upcoming 7 Day Exotic W.Caribbean cruise coming up! Ports of call on the trip: Tampa, FL, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, Isla Roatan, Honduras Only 68 days! :)

Oh I had my first experiece at playing Risk this past weekend .... it was a 4 hour experience! Haha Ryan, Abby, Alex and I played .... and never finished .... how do you say we were well not playing by the correct rules! haha If a winner needed to be named it would be Abby. Alex and I are looking forward to playing again soon!

Well for now I will leave you with some pictures of our Holiday adventures ...

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