I am BACK!

Well it is about time that I start this up ... sometimes being busy is not a good enough reason to not write. If that was a good excuse there would be a lot of things in my life not getting done. What if everyone used that as a reason not to do stuff, what kind of a world would we be in then?

I am currently taking a break from dishes, there are a few that needed a bit to soak. The down fall of my joy of cooking ... DISHES. I wish there was a magic way to make them do themselves, just like the old Fantasia with Mickey Mouse. I do love the smell in the kitchen while the laundry is going, it just makes everything smell so good. I am also planning on making some Snicker doodles, well after I clean the kitchen I guess ... only to clean it again. Thus is the circle of life.

I recently finished the book Water for Elephants, I also went with C to see the movie yesterday at our first try with a book club. As with any movie made from a book, the book was better. I am currently reading the book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell. I love Rob Bell (I love AC more)! He just has a way of breaking grand thoughts down into ideas that us little people can grasp. You should check out his short videos called NOOMA. They are pretty much the bees knees!

Speaking of AC he has taken another step toward furthering his writing. He is on TWITTER! Follow him @AlexCallos. :)

I have also embarked on a new adventure, well trying to move my feet where God wants me. I am now a PCA (aka nurses aid) and I am almost finished with all my training. Thus far I love it, just another way to help people. Everyday I try to go to work with the compassion of Christ. I also have a personal goal of making people laugh, come on have you never seen Patch Adams???

The kids (animals) are well. Growing and growing. Homer will be a year soon! Is it bad to make him a cake? Or at least buy him a little one? He is after all my first kid. Bo loves Homer and Bella could care less about either one of them. On april 18 they all weighed in at:
Homer 61.3lbs
Bella 9lbs
Bo 8.8lbs

Well I really must get back to my pots and pans, while writing this I did not think of a good way for them to wash themselves. I also need to study for a stats exam, does anyone hate states as much as me, maybe more then me??

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